Wondering about the importance of your skin's microbiome? Read more about your skin's microbiome here. Acne is a good example of why the skin's microbiome is such an important subject.

We see differences in the microbiomes of teens with acne versus those without. When you look closely, there are actually differences in microbiome composition in the part of the skin with an acne lesion versus normal skin in the same region of the same person.

Choosing the right teenage skincare routine is an important part of achieving clear skin. Acne medicines are often drying to teen and tween skin. Dryness, or dehydration, leads to dysfunction of the skin. When we replenish the skin with water (i.e. through use of an effective moisturizer), the skin’s environment becomes more balanced, and this means less irritation and less inflammation in the skin.

pH-balanced teen skin cleanser

How do we support your microbiome with the goal of clearer skin?

  • Use a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser daily such as Bright+Clean facial cleanser
  • Protect the skin from inflammation by using sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) daily
  • Avoid products that strip the skin of natural and protective oils
  • Moisturize the skin daily with a hydrating and protective moisturizer like Day+Bright
pH-balanced cleanser teen skincare

We developed Bright+Clean cleanser to work with the skin's natural pH and support a healthy microbiome. This cleanser is gentle on your skin but powerful at removing dirt, sweat, and pollution. Combine this with our exceptional Day+Bright facial moisturizer to nourish your skin's microbiome, and you are one step closer to healthy, balanced, clear skin!