Most skin damage is preventable.

Bright Girl is the first brand of its kind to market...created by a dermatologist, specifically for young skin.

"Good habits formed at youth make all the difference." —Aristotle

Skin Microbiome

Your skin is a wondrous organ...containing billions of magical organisms. All of these organisms and their habitat make up the skin microbiome. A balanced and healthy microbiome keeps your skin clear and bright.

Beyond Clean Beauty

Move beyond clean beauty...to smart beauty! Bright Girl is clean, click to see our "no thank you" list. But better than that, it’s smart. Every ingredient has science to back it up, so every Bright Girl has a better understanding of her skin.

Dermatologist-created, Mom-approved

Each ingredient within Bright Girl was carefully researched by Dr. Angela Casey and hand-selected based on her years of clinical practice as a board-certified dermatologist and Mohs surgeon.

Dr. Casey, along with a with a team of experts (and input from girls like you), created the exact skincare collection that she would want for her own daughters (and maybe even for herself): and Bright Girl was born!

Meet Dr. Angela Casey

Angela Casey is a busy Mother of three... She's also a double board-certified Dermatologist, Fellowship-trained Mohs Surgeon, an educator of skin health and the founder and CEO of Bright Girl.