Who are Bright Girls?

What Does it Mean to be a Bright Girl?

It means loving and respecting your skin. It means asking questions and sharing concerns. It means feeling strong and confident, and recognizing both your beauty and your abilities. And it means taking responsibility for the health and well-being of your skin, right now, whatever age you are.


Bright Girls Look Ahead

Bright Girls know that you’re never too young to set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy skin, and that with the right products, used the right way, every single day, you’ll be on the fast track to Gorgeousville, now and forever.

Bright Girls Ask Questions

Once Bright Girls know WHY they should take care of their skin, they start asking WHAT products they should use, and HOW and WHEN they should use them. We’re happy to empower girls with the knowledge they need to understand the importance of proper skin care.

Why worry about sun protection?

When Bright Girls ask WHY they should worry about sun protection, we tell them that the sun can start causing damage when they’re infants and lead to wrinkles at best and skin cancer at worst. 

Why is taking care of your skin so important?

When they ask WHY taking care of their skin is so important, we inform them that their skin is the thing that protects their bodies from the outside. 

What products should you use?

When they ask WHAT types of products they should use, we point them to our formulas that cleanse without disrupting the balance of the microbiome, which contains all of the healthy bacteria, yeast and organisms that live on skin and keep it strong and balanced. 

How and when should you use our products?

And when they ask HOW and WHEN they should use our products, we help them understand that nothing is more important than consistency and routine.

Bright Girls Are Confident

Armed with the knowledge of how to care for their skin, Bright Girls are confident as they face the world. With the expertise of a renowned dermatologist behind the products they use morning and night, they are able to step into every day with the kind of radiant, glowing skin that reflects all the energy, pride and ability they feel inside.

Bright Girls Own It

Bright Girls know that no one else has power over their routines. They take complete ownership and responsibility for the health of their skin, but understand that doing so doesn’t have to be difficult. Bright Girl products take all the guesswork out of doing the right thing, so that cleansing and nourishing skin becomes second nature, and loving and accepting the skin you’re is as easy as can be.

Bright Girls Don’t Hide

Bright Girls don’t feel as if they need to use makeup and concealer as camouflage. They’re comfortable with their unique complexions, and know that by taking great care of their skin, and using products made from ingredients skin loves, they can create a canvas that doesn’t need to be painted. They’re proud to show off their healthy, beautiful skin, and use makeup to enhance their glow, not cover it up.

Bright Girls Stick with It

Good habits get results. By consistently cleansing, protecting, and nourishing skin now, Bright Girls guarantee healthy skin for decades to come. And by delivering fun-to-use formulas with appealing natural fragrances in packaging that fits seamlessly into their busy lives, Bright Girl products make it easy to start and stick to a routine that makes beautiful skin second nature.

Bright Girls Read the Labels

A product is only as good as its ingredients. Bright Girls look for clean, plant-derived actives proven to soothe, smooth, and pamper skin. They look for products that shield against pollution, deflect damaging blue light from cell phones and computers, and fight inflammation. Bright Girl skin care is made from pure, uncomplicated ingredients perfectly selected for young skin.