Our Story

Created by a dermatologist especially for young skin.

Bright Girl was created to ensure that every girl can get a smart start with quality skin care. As the mother of three daughters, Dr. Casey is passionate about educating and providing girls a daily routine for a lifetime of healthy, glowing skin.

Bright Girl Mission

Smart Skin Starts Now

Empower our girls to take responsibility and ownership in their healthiest skin

Teach them the HOW's and WHY's of proper cleansing, moisturizing, and consistent sunscreen use

Instill the lifelong habits that prevent skin damage

Help them realize the strength, beauty and confidence that comes from caring for yourself

About the Founder

The Bright Woman Behind Bright Girl

Dr. Angela Casey's love of her family, patients and profession fueled her to create an educational platform, empowering young people to benefit from a lifetime of proper skin care.

Dr. Casey currently serves as:

Center for Surgical Dermatology & Dermatology Associates

Partner at the Center for Surgical Dermatology


Director of Surgery for the OhioHealth Dermatology Residency

IR Medtek

Principal Investigator for IR Medtek

Bright Girl

Founder and CEO of Bright Girl by Angela Casey M.D.

QualDerm Partners Ohio LLC

Board Member of QualDerm Partners Ohio LLC

Every day, Dr. Casey evaluates skin at the cellular level while curing patients of skin cancer. Under the microscope, she sees the uneven pigment, breakdown of collagen, and inflammation that come from irritants in our environment and everyday sun damage.

Dr. Casey's training credentials include:

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University, Bachelor of Science, Molecular Biology. Magna Cum Laude*

University of Louisville

University of Louisville School of Medicine

University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Dermatology, Chief Resident

University of Vermont Medical Center

University of Vermont Medical Center: Micrographic Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology Fellowship

Ounce of Prevention

Helping others develop smart skincare habits is my privilege and passion. With each skin cancer I remove, I’m inspired to teach my patients and future generations how to properly care for their skin.

Great skin comes from the consistent use of thoughtfully made products and it’s never too early to start.

Bright Girl is an easy-to-use collection, tailor made to nourish young skin and a healthy micro-biome. Cultivating healthy, glowing, gorgeous skin that lasts a lifetime, how bright is that?

– Dr. Casey