Tips for Teen Skincare: Your Skin's Circadian Rhythm

Tips for Teen Skincare: Your Skin's Circadian Rhythm

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Preteen and teen skin goes through a lot of changes during this important time if your life. Your hormones, lifestyle, and environment have a huge impact on your skin. Understanding how your skin changes over the course of the day can help you select the teen skincare regimen that will be most effective for achieving clear skin.

Did you know that your skin contains circadian clock genes which regulate its circadian rhythm? Below are examples of how your skin changes throughout the day:

  • Skin permeability is higher in the evening compared to morning. Many acne routines focus on applying active ingredients at night for this reason: they will absorb better into your skin when applied before bed.
  • Penetration of oil-based and water-based formulations peaks at 0400 am.
  • Blood flow in the skin increases in the late afternoon and evening.
  • Healthy skin cells proliferate most rapidly around midnight. 
  • Oil glands have minimal activity around 04:00 and peak midday. Oil glands are an important factor in causing acne, and increased oil production can lead to more acne breakouts.
  • Cortisol is an important hormone in your skin, and cortisol levels drop significantly in the evening.
  • Skin temperature peaks in the afternoon and drops to its lowest point at night.

Factoring in your skin's circadian rhythm is an important consideration in any teen skincare routine. 

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As a board-certified dermatologist, I recommend simple 3-step morning and evening routines for teen skincare and tween skincare.

Morning skincare routine for teens and tweens:

Evening skincare routine for teens and tweens:

When you need more specific guidance with your acne routine, I recommend consulting with a dermatology provider.

By implementing these simple skincare steps and considering your skin's circadian rhythm, you will be on a path to clear, healthy, BRIGHT skin!

--Dr. Angela