Teen skin microbiome and teen skincare and tween skincare

Your Skin Microbiome in Different Areas of Your Body

Intro to Skin Microbiome

Did you know that your skin has a whole community of organisms that live within it that help keep your skin clear, healthy and balanced? It's called the skin microbiome, and you can read more about it here. The skin microbiome is a distinct community comprised of trillions of microorganisms. And these living organisms play an important role in many of the skin conditions seen in your skin during your childhood and teenage years.

Your skin microbiome is unique, just like your fingerprint. No two people have exactly the same microbiome makeup.

How your microbiome differs in various areas of your body

Teenage skin is unique is so many ways! Understanding what's going on with your skin, at the microscopic level, can help inform your skincare habits as well as product selection. What are the best teen skin products? How is our skin different in our tweens, teens, and 20s compared to our later adult years? What is the best girls facial cleanser for girls? The right toner for oily skin? A non-comedogenic moisturizer? Let's delve into the science of skin to help understand how to best care for skin in our teens and 20s.

The microbiome of each area of your skin (i.e. forehead, cheeks, legs, armpits) is distinct, and this is part of the reason why we see certain skin conditions more frequently in some areas of your skin compared to others. For example, your forehead, nose, chin, and chest (and sometimes the back) have a greater number of oil glands compared to skin on other parts of your body. This is one of the reasons why we see more acne lesions on these areas of the body compared to, say, the abdomen and legs. Hormones in your body cause increased oil production in your skin; and the bacteria that cause acne love oil! That's why we tend to see more acne lesions in the areas of our skin with higher oil production.

On the other hand, there are certain organisms that thrive in moist areas of the skin, such as the armpits or bottom of the feet. And others that love dry areas of the skin.

Eczema is another condition that is seen commonly in the skin of children and teens. An unbalanced skin microbiome is one of the factors that contributes to eczema, which is classically located in the flexural creases of elbows or on the backs of knees.

Hormones and the Skin Microbiome

Our skin responds to hormonal changes that our body goes through during our lifetime. Our teenage years mark a time of significant hormone shifts...and teen skin, and the skin's microbiome, respond accordingly! The right skincare regimen can make a big difference in keeping teen skin healthy and clear during this important time.

Teens and tweens have specific skincare needs, and that's why we created the Bright Girl skincare collection: specially formulated to work with childhood, tween, and teen skin. Click here to see the Bright Girl collection. Our formulations are pH-balanced to work with your skin and your skin's microbiome. Implementing a specific teenage skincare routine each day will help you achieve your healthiest skin. Anti-inflammatory actives fight the inflammation that can lead to skin irritation, which also disrupts the microbiome.

Respecting and understanding the microbiome of teenage skin can help you achieve your brightest, healthiest skin!


--Dr. Angela