Teenage Skincare routines and glycerin

Bright Ingredient in Teen Skincare: Glycerin

Why is Glycerin a Star ingredient in skincare?

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. When choosing your teenage skincare routine, it's important to avoid habits that can dry out your skin. In turn, integrating the right moisturizing ingredients into your skincare helps insure bouncy, resilient, clear and strong skin.
Glycerin is a well-established humectant that is highly attractive to water. As a skincare ingredient, glycerin draws moisture into your skin, keeping it hydrated and strong.

History and Properties of Glycerin

  • Glycerol is a clear, thick, sweet liquid first isolated by German Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele
  • Until the mid-20th century, glycerol was obtained as a byproduct in the creation of soaps
  • The term Glycerin was introduced in 1811 by a French chemist named Michel-Eugene Chevreul
  • Glycerin is used interchangeably to refer to materials that contain at least 95% glycerol

Glycerin in your Teenage Skincare Routine

Let's take a deeper dive into the benefits of Glycerin in skincare:
  • Humectants are ingredients that draw water in; in skincare, humectants attract water from your surrounding environment into your skin.
  • Humectants play an important role in hydrating your skin
  • Glycerin is a simple humectant that is highly attractive to water.
  • Glycerin has antimicrobial properties that prevent bacterial, fungal, and yeast growth within skincare products.
  • By conferring moisturizing properties to skincare products, Glycerin helps creams/lotions/serums glide easily over the skin.

Glycerin is found in the following Bright Girl products:
Teen face wash
Bright Girl Hydrating Teen Toner for face

Remember that consistent daily habits add up to glowing skin! Now that you are a little smarter about Glycerin as a STAR skincare ingredient, please share your BRIGHT knowledge and with your friends and family! Being educated about your skincare helps you make choices that are right for your skin health!


Dr. Angela