Is your tween asking for Drunk Elephant? Choose this, not that

Is your tween asking for Drunk Elephant? Choose this, not that

Tweens are very product-savvy these days, and they are turning to TikTok for skincare recommendations. This is good and bad. As a positive, social media informs them of many brand options that are out there. And, there are many dermatologists and skin experts on TikTok and Instagram that are providing evidence-based information on tween skincare.

On the flip side, there's a whole lot of content that spreads misinformation. And tweens are looking up to celebrities and influencers for skincare advice. Admittedly, many of these influencers are gorgeous and have lovely, glowing skin. But most of them are significantly older than our tweens, and are choosing their skincare accordingly.

When your tween asks for skincare that is actually made for more mature skin, that skincare can irritate and inflame his or her young skin. This can result in redness, sensitivity, inflammation, and acne breakouts.

Below are some safe options for the skincare products that your teen is asking for:

1. Tween Facial Cleanser

If your tween is asking for Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 Jelly cleanser ($39 for 5 oz),

 Drunk Elephant Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser 

instead, choose Bright Girl Bright+Clean Gel Facial Cleanser ($26 for 6.7 oz) because Bright+Clean:


  • pH-balanced to work with the skin's pH
  • Clean skincare (free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, etc)
  • Contains allantoin to gently exfoliate and shea butter to strengthen and protect the skin barrier

2. Tween Exfoliating Body Scrub

If your tween is asking for Bath and Body Works A Thousand Wishes Sugar Scrub ($17.95 for 8oz)

bath and body works a thousand wishes body scrub

instead, choose Native body wash ($9 for 18oz) because Native body wash is:

18oz bottle of Native Coconut & Vanilla Body Wash

  • Made with simple ingredients
  • Nourishing for young skin
  • Has a light, natural scent that encourages consistent use and immediate positive feedback
  • Doesn't contain any harsh exfoliating beads or ingredients that can cause tears in the skin barrier


3. Tween Hydrating Face Mask

If your tween is asking for Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask ($34 for 2oz),

Laneige sleeping mask

instead, choose Bright Girl Calm+Bright Calming Facial Mask ($18 for 1.7oz) because Calm+Bright:

  • Dermatologist-created, specifically for young skin
  • Formulated with Rosehip Seed Oil to moisturize and protect the skin
  • Contains Rosa Centifolia Oil which helps improve blemish-prone skin
  • Has Bilberry extract which is rich in antioxidant polyphenols which fight redness and calm the skin

4. Tween Facial Serum

If your tween is asking for Glow Recipe Watermelon Dew Drops ($35 for 1.35 oz)

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice

instead, choose The Ordinary Soothing & Barrier Support Serum ($17 for 1 oz) because The Ordinary Barrier Support Serum:

The Ordinary - Soothing & Barrier Support Serum 1 oz / 30 ml

  • Calms redness in tween skin
  • Helps repair the skin barrier
  • Provides moisturizing support to fortify skin


5. Best Toner for Tween skin

If your tween is asking for Fresh brand Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner ($48 for 8.4 oz)

Fresh Rose Water Toner

instead, choose Bright Girl Bright Tone Hydrating Toner ($24 for 5 oz) because Bright Tone:

  • pH-balanced to work with tween skin
  • Contains chamomile to soothe inflammation in the skin
  • Has Marshmallow root which provides ceramide precursors to strengthen the skin barrier

6. Best Tween Moisturizer/Tween Face Cream

If your tween is asking for Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream ($240 for 1.7oz),

Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream

instead, choose Bright Girl Day+Bright 24-hour facial moisturizer ($22 for 1.7oz) because Day+Bright:

  • Is lightweight and non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores)
  • Contains ashwagandha and turmeric to settle skin stress
  • Has squalene which is a natural moisturizer that absorbs seamlessly into the skin

When we choose the right products for tween skin, we encourage our tweens to develop those healthy skincare habits and set them up for success. Tween skincare should be gentle and supportive; many of the skincare products on the market were developed with adult skin in mind. Bright Girl is Dermatologist-created specifically for tweens. 

Choose wisely!

Dr. Angela

Board-certified Dermatologist

Written by Angela Casey MD, Double board-certified Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon

Founder of Bright Girl skincare